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Proiectoare LED underground light

Proiectoare LED underground lightProiectoare LED underground light
Proiectoare LED underground light
- Die-casting aluminum lamp body, and 304 stainless steel cover;
- Transparent, tempered glass diffuser;
- Engineering plastic recessed box;
- Fitting screws in 304 stainless steel;
- Waterproof and durable silicone rubber gasket; Powder coating finish;
- Protection class: IP65.
Proiectoare LED underground light:
COD/POZA Specificatii
Proiectoare led underground light 2W
Power: 2W
Voltage: AC85-265
Light Source: LED
Proiectoare led underground light 1/3W
Power: 1/3W
Voltage: AC85-265
Light Source: LED

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